The True Grace of God

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1- God’s Grace is is a free gift:

The Scripture teaches that the grace of God is free. We can’t earn grace by our good deeds; it must be received by faith alone. While many today believe that their good deeds bring them into God’s Grace, they fail to understand that it’s the other way around: Grace brings us into good deeds! The blessing of God is on those who trust in Christ alone; there is no blessing for those who trust in their own works.

2- God’s Grace promotes holiness:

The holiness that God’s Grace produces isn’t merely a holiness one writes about and talks about; it’s a holiness which affects us in day to day lives. It’s a holiness that is birthed by the Holy Spirit in our hearts and causes us to walk in purity from sin. Any grace message that speaks much of the cross without calling for radical repentance is a false grace indeed. God’s grace transforms a heart in a practical way. When one is truly walking in God’s grace, they will no longer fornicate, lie, hate, walk in bitterness and offense, etc. The change that grace produces is a real, tangible change; it’s not merely a few good ideas posted on facebook. If the grace you’re being told about isn’t producing victory over sin in your life, you’re not being presented the true grace of God. Often, you’ll see modern “grace teachers” posting about the grace, righteousness, etc, yet when it comes to calling men and women to turn from their sin and rebellion, they rarely make such statements. Why? They don’t want to be seen as “holiness preachers” and those who call others to turn from their sins; they see such behavior as “legalistic” and “being a pharisee”. Regardless, God’s true grace is a grace that “teaches us”. What does it teach us? It teaches us that homosexuality is an abomination; it teaches us that having sex outside of the bonds of marriage is evidence that a person is not saved; it teaches us that lying, stealing, hating and walking in unforgiveness are signs that one’s heart is not right with God. You see, brothers and sisters, God’s grace is a grace that radically deals with our hearts and it changes us from the inside out. If there’s no change, there’s no true grace.

3- God’s Grace can be removed:

When a Believer goes back into the law, they are cut off from the grace of God. By seeking to obey laws in order to be/maintain their salvation, the Christian offends the Cross and is removed from the very One who gives them life. While we do not break the law … we are also not saved nor sanctified by the law. What must also be said is that one can be removed from the grace of God by returning to sin. Many modern grace teachers fail to make mention of this. Backsliding and practicing sin will cut one off from God’s grace just as returning to the law will. Sleeping around, lying, slander, heresy, homosexuality, etc, will cut an individual off from God’s Grace and bring them under God’s righteous judgement. The evidences of grace being removed from an individual’s life is seen in their turning from the joy of the Lord and the Love of Jesus to bitterness, anger, offense and finally back to their old lifestyle. Removal of grace comes only when we place our faith in someone or something other than in Jesus Christ alone.

4- God’s Grace can be multiplied:

The grace of God is not a one time package deal! The more grace we receive and walk in, the more grace is poured out into our lives and when more grace is poured out into our lives, more victory over sin is given! Man that’s awesome news! Multiplied grace means multiplied freedom! Multiplied grace comes through obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When we say “Yes!” to Jesus and “No!” to sin, grace is multiplied in our lives. To multiply something means to add more! God wants to add more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more grace to our lives!

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