The “Me, Myself and I” disease!

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There’s a spiritual disease in the North American Church and it’s called “Me, myself and I”. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person has his spiritual sickness when:

1- They can’t stay in one church for any length of time: They have all sorts of reasons why they church hop. “God told me to” or “I’m led by the Spirit”. The “Me, myself and I” disease makes these people believe that they’re led by the Holy Spirit when in reality they’re led by their own selfish desire to “feel good”… and if the church they attend doesn’t give them “Holy Ghost Goosebumps” then they’re off to the next church in search of that “feel good” feeling. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard “God told me to come to your church” only to never see them again or only rarely. I “do not” put any stock in such statements or in such people… regardless of what claims they make. I look for action; not “God told me” statements. God “told you” if you actually “do it”… and that’s what we should look for: actions! One moment “God told them” and the next moment it’s “Opps! That was a demon! My bad!”.

2- They make many promises but never follow through: They’ll tell you that they want to be used in Ministry but when the time comes… they’re not there! Their idea of ministry is a crusade but when ministry involves giving money, time and energy… opps! Nowhere to be found. If you ask them to share the Word they’re all in… but when you ask them to buy some blankets for the homeless you hear, “I don’t have enough money” while next week they’re on a camping trip that cost them $100.00 . These people love the spotlight but only if it makes them look good without any personal sacrifice on their part. Beware of such people! They have the “Me, myself and I” disease.

3- They’re led by supernatural gifts and not the Word: While I FIRMLY believe in the supernatural I also FIRMLY believe that any giftings, leadings, etc must be checked against and be based on the Word of God alone. The “Me, myself and I” disease says things like, “God told me” and “I had a vision”. Of course God does these things “but” these people use these terms in order to justify wrong decisions and ungodly conduct. They LIVE FOR dreams, visions and prophecies; the Word of God and walking in holiness just isn’t exciting enough for them. They’re miracle junkies and if they aren’t getting some new “word from God” then they feel something is wrong with them. They’re infected by the spiritual disease of “Me, myself and I”!

4- They live for self-pleasure: Those infected with the “Me, myself and I” disease will one month live right but the next month they’ll be back to their filth; they have inconsistent lifestyles. Whether it’s porn, having sex before marriage, partying… they constantly “fall into sin”. It’s possible to fall; don’t get me wrong! Yet, when you do, you repent and stop it…period. These people continue in their sin and when all hell breaks loose in their lives for the way that they live, they just can’t “understand why”. They have no true holiness in them. It’s not an “identity problem”; they;re not Born Again. When holiness is preached, they hate it; they get mad at the pointing out of sin….because sin is their idol. They talk about “loving Jesus” but they live the exact opposite and they have no plan to repent.

5- They’re easily offended: The “Me, myself and I” disease comes with a mountain of offense. They’re with you when all is well but correct them and BAM! They’re outta here! They go from place to place and relationship to relationship… leaving a trail of bitterness and anger behind them wherever they go. They’re often heard accusing others without any evidence; they make stuff up about others and are paranoid, feeling everyone is “out to get them”. When you point out that they’re diseased, they don’t thank you for it… they get mad at you! They feel justified in being bitter, angry and unforgiving.

The cure for this spiritual disease is simple yet difficult. It’s simple in that all you need to do is repent. It’s difficult in that no one wants to die to their flesh! Yet, Jesus said in Matthew 16:25:

“If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.”

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