The Discipline of the Lord

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Proverbs 15:10 “He who turns from the right way will be punished. He who hates strong words spoken to him will die.”

Turning from the “right way” will bring us into punishment, not because the Lord enjoys punishing us but rather because He loves us and His punishment actually proves that we’re genuinely His just as Hebrews 12:6 says If we begin to turn away from Him, we can expect discipline and discipline is always done with the ultimate goal of seeing us return to the Father’s Love.

When the Lord brings us into discipline, we must take heed to it; we musn’t harden our hearts and refuse to bend. Humility must be the cry of our hearts, asking the Lord to break us and mold us into conformity with Jesus Christ. To reject His loving discipline is to place our very souls in danger of being cut off from His very near Presence. Ultimately, those who continue to walk in rebellion to the Lord will lose their souls and be condemned with the wicked.

In Hebrews 12:5-11 we read: ” Do you remember what God said to you when He called you His sons? “My son, listen when the Lord punishes you. Do not give up when He tells you what you must do. The Lord punishes everyone He loves. He whips every son He receives.” Do not give up when you are punished by God. Be willing to take it, knowing that God is teaching you as a son. Is there a father who does not punish his son sometimes? If you are not punished as all sons are, it means that you are not a true son of God. You are not a part of His family and He is not your Father. Remember that our fathers on earth punished us. We had respect for them. How much more should we obey our Father in heaven and live? For a little while our fathers on earth punished us when they thought they should. But God punishes us for our good so we will be holy as He is holy. There is no joy while we are being punished. It is hard to take, but later we can see that good came from it. And it gives us the peace of being right with God.”

Being disciplined by the Lord is not fun, easy or something we “like”… yet it’s something we “need”. Amen? When we’re being placed in a position of being disciplined by God, it’s for our benefit; it’s never ever for our harm. With each disciplinary action that the Lord takes, He does it to mold us and shape our character to look more and more like Him. Once we come out of the position of being disciplined by Him, great joy follows!

Those who refuse His discipline, over and over again, will at some point find that God no longer brings discipline to them. Instead, He allows them – without any discipline – to do as they please. To be in such a place is dangerous indeed!

To turn from the Lord and become hardened in our hearts to strong words is to hate life and love death. There are some who at one time received correction but who now become offended and angry when correction is given in a loving spirit. These people show that they’ve forsaken the Lord and have embraced death. Having turned from Christ, these people now love the world and the things of the world. One day, they’ll stand before the Lord Jesus, the One they once loved and served and who they now resist and reject, only to hear – as He weeps for them! – the words, “‘I never knew you. Go away from Me, you who do wrong!’” (Matthew 7:23)

Are you living for Christ but find that your heart is longing for the things of the world? Are you being disciplined by God and you’re ready to give up? Do you have thoughts and desires of turning from the Lord for the fleeting pleasures of sin? I plead with you to consider your ways and humble yourself before the mighty Hand of God and seek His face to root out of your heart all wicked desire and vice. Why?:

Hebrews 3:12-19 “Christian brothers, be careful that not one of you has a heart so bad that it will not believe and will turn away from the living God. Help each other. Speak day after day to each other while it is still today so your heart will not become hard by being fooled by sin. For we belong to Christ if we keep on trusting Him to the end just as we trusted Him at first. The Holy Writings say, “If you hear His voice today, do not let your hearts become hard as your early fathers did when they turned against Me.” Who heard God’s voice and turned against Him? Did not all those who were led out of the country of Egypt by Moses? Who made God angry for forty years? Was it not those people who had sinned in the desert? Was it not those who died and were buried there? Who did He say could never go into His rest? Was it not those who did not obey Him? So we can see that they were not able to go into His rest because they did not put their trust in Him.”

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