The Calling of the Prophet

prophetThe calling of Prophet is distinct from that of the calling of those who are prophetic. Those who are prophetic are called to exhort, comfort and edify while the prophet is called to do these as well as speak the judgement of God when called by the Lord to do so. Because of this, the prophet is often misunderstood yet is not without honor …except in his own city.

A prophet cannot speak but that which God gives to him and that word from God often comes with great persecution from those who are (1) deceived and from those who are (2) living in and practicing sin. When a prophet of God is called by God to deliver a prophetic word with warning or judgement, you can be assured that that prophet will indeed come under criticism from the ungodly and deceived. We see this take place time and time again throughout the Old Testament.

A genuine prophet of God’s words will come to pass though a thousand voices rise up against that prophet’s word. Why? Because one word from God negates all false words that come from the carnal nature of man and from the enemy!

False prophets and counterfeit leaders will often accuse a true prophet of God as being a false prophet… until his or her words come to pass. At that point, those voices which once told the multitudes not to heed the prophet’s warnings will be silenced as the word of the Lord comes to pass exactly as the prophet prophesies. Rarely, however, will those in opposition repent; they often harden their hearts at the word of the Lord, justifying their hardness by attacking the prophet and his or her delivery and methods.

For example, I spoke a word in 2013 which in 2015 came to pass exactly as God had revealed it to me. The man whom I prophesied the word to refused to repent and spoke evil of me as well as our church to others. In 2015 his ministry came to an end as he fell in disgrace and his secret sins were exposed. Had this man who once walked with God had repented, his ministry would have continued and many lives would not have been thrown into chaos. However, he rejected the word of the Lord although he knew in his heart that it was a true and accurate word. I do not mention this to say, “Ha! Told you so!” but rather to demonstrate the usual response of those who receive a prophetic warning to repent. They often fail to do so and instead become angered and hardened against the word of the Lord, masking their hardness in statements such as, “That’s a false prophet!”. It’s unfortunate yet true.

Whether the prophet speaking is young, old, mature or immature in his faith or gifting, if the prophet speaks, test it and take it to wise and godly counsel. Why? Because if it’s genuinely a word from the Lord, it’s going to come to pass! The worst thing an individual can do is to outright reject a prophetic word. To do so is to place oneself in harm’s way and this is not the Will of God for His Children. God speaks through His servants the prophets because there are many in the church who are playing a game; they’re living in secret sin and pretending that all is well when all is not well.

The test of a prophet is whether or not his or her words come to pass; they aren’t tested based on whether or not they’re “liked”. In fact, if one looks through the pages of the Scripture they’ll find the opposite, that prophets were not liked at all. Why? Because the prophet of God sees things in black and white; he’s been with God and refuses to compromise on righteousness and on the issue of sin.

If you believe that God has called you to the office of prophet, then I encourage you to prepare for the battle which lies before you. It’ll be a hard road yet a road with taking as God uses you to see lives transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ,




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