The Body of Christ

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So for the last few days I’ve had tingling etc in my arm; the doc says it seems to be originating from my spine. If it’s a pinched nerve, there are non surgical ways to bring healing but at times, surgery is needed to correct the issue. If the problem continues unchecked, things can go bad quickly! This got me to thinking ….

One part of the body can affect other important parts of the body! If something isn’t functioning properly in your body, it can mess up other parts of your body. The church of Jesus Christ is the same; the Bible likens the church to a body (1 Corinthians 12). When one member of the church goes off into error, sin or compromise, everyone else is affected by that person. No one can sin, walk in error or continue in compromise without harming other members of the church.

Unless a remedy is applied, things can go bad quickly! Repentance is the first remedy. If a member of the church is destroying itself and thus affecting other parts of the church, the shepherd (pastor) must call for that member to turn from sin and come back into holiness. If the member rejects repentance, then cutting that member off (Matthew 18) is the next step… and never a good one! Either way, the member which is bringing harm and destruction to the body must be isolated and dealt with in a godly, loving and yet firm way in order to protect the rest of the body from further destruction.

Ask yourself today: Am I a fruit bearing member of my congregation or do I live in ways that destroy my testimony and bring harm to others in the body? Is my life a living witness of the Gospel or am I constantly bringing pain, destruction and harm to other parts of the body?

The will of God is that we, as members of His body, walk in spiritual health, bringing hope and healing to other members of the church. Let’s “be” who He called us to be and walk as He called us to walk!

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