Recollections of Revival

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download (1)It was a time I will never forget; a time when God moved so powerfully that you’d have to have been there to fully comprehend what I’m about to share. To some, this may all seem like an exaggeration while to others it may seem too fanatical. Nonetheless, it happened and it happened just exactly as I’m going to describe it.

I was quite younger back in those days and because of my youth, I lacked much wisdom. I was also quite filled with pride. Being involved in a movement known for it’s extremes, I held to some pretty strange views back then. Nonetheless, I walked with God as best as I knew how and He honored that. I’m thankful for the grace He poured out on my zealous yet unwise life back in those days!

I was in a volunteer position working with Believers at a local Christian hangout spot. One day I locked up, took a walk and saw about 10 or 12 teens around my own age and stopped them and began to have a conversation. One of them made a statement about drugs and I said, “There’s no high like the Most High!”. Of course, they jeered a bit. I then stated that if they followed me back to the hangout I could “prove God”. Quite a bold statement! Yet remember, I wasn’t as wise as I was zealous!

They agreed and followed me. Once there, I began to share Christ. As I did, the mighty Power of God fell! It would be the beginning of a genuine revival among the lost youth of our city.

As word spread of how God was moving at the Christian hangout, teens were bringing in their friends to experience the Power of God. One young man came in with his friends and he claimed to be an atheist. As he saw with his own eyes the Power of God saving and transforming the lives of his friends, he said to me (paraphrasing): “These are my friends; you don’t know us. This is real. How do I get this?”. I instructed this young man to stand up. As he did, the Power of God fell on him and he went down under the Power of God. As he lay there on the floor, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues. A atheist no more!

At another time, I received a call from a new convert. She called to ask me what to do about the ouija board that was in her home (she lived at her mom’s home). I instructed her to break it. As she was about to do so, her nose began to bleed and she became afraid. The enemy did not want to lose his hold on her life; yet that hold was already broken!

During another time, a young man who claimed to be a Believer, as the Power of God was moving, manifested demonic activity. As he did, a young lady who was sitting beside him was instructed to move away from him. I felt to command the demon to release this young man and when I commanded it to go and touched his stomach, he went down under the Power of God. it was quite a sight to behold!

One time, while witnessing to a young lady, her friend approached and claimed to be a witch. I felt to begin speaking in tongues and when I did, she became agitated and demanded that I stop. I continued. She was frozen; literally frozen! I was as stunned and shocked as she was! The Power of God fell and she couldn’t get off her seat. I spoke with her and she indeed listened and she made a specific covenant with God that day and was released from the state of being frozen to her chair. You have to realize; this was not a “crazy Charismatic”; this was a lost young person who had never before experienced God’s Power. She left that day knowing that the God of heaven and earth was real and that there was no power that could compare to His!

During this time period, I was invited by a local church to speak at one of their Maritime Youth Conventions. I arrived and was given 10 minutes to share my testimony. I didn’t feel that 10 minutes was long enough so I sought God on what to say and what to do. I made my testimony very short and gave an altar call at the leading of the Holy Spirit. All but a handful of youth were at the front, weeping and falling under the Power of God as the Holy Spirit was touching their lives. What was 10 minutes turned into a corporate cry for God to come down that day!

Day after day, throngs of lost young people were literally lining up to hear the Gospel and witness the Power of God in action. Most of these young people were born Roman Catholic yet were non practicing. As they’d come in, I, along with some other brothers in the Lord, would share Christ and lay hands on those who wanted prayer. As we prayed, the Lord would confirm His Word with signs following. The Power of God would hit these young people in dramatic ways.

One Charismatic Bible College student remarked how what he was witnessing in this move of God mimicked the Asuza Street Revival of 1906… only it was within a local level. What a testimony to hear! That God would pour out His Holy Spirit in a similar way, albeit local, to what He did worldwide through the Asuza Street Revival, was just astounding!

As is the case with revivals of the past, this revival ended. Men came in who were used by the enemy to put an end to the mighty Fire of God. They sought to control what the Lord was doing by placing rules on what we could and could not do. Others came in with heretical doctrines and rebellious attitudes to leadership. I myself had a rebellion in me towards my elders and fought against their authority. While their authority was being used wrongly, I wrongly rebelled against them. Due to false prophets coming in, rebellion exerting it’s influence and false authority being exercised, the revival ended.

Nonetheless, it’s fruit has remained. I remember a time when after the revival had died out a young man saw me at a local coffee shop and explained how he remembered me from the revival. I didn’t recall who he was (there were so many youth who came in that it was hard to keep track!). Another individual who to this day walks with and serves God was impacted and if I recall correctly, saved at the revival. Testimonies such as these are greatly encouraging!

It was a short lived period where the Lord moved so mightily! While I have seen and experienced His power since then, nothing to this present time has ever compared with what took place during this revival. Aside from it’s many issues, God was at work, transforming lives and moving in a way that I have never seen before nor after. Because of this, I long to see His Power move again… to an even greater degree!

Do you long for revival? Do you want to see God’s Power tangibly manifest in your midst? Let me share some of what I did while walking in this atmosphere with the Lord:

1- I maintained a deep prayer life. My prayer life was spent alone with God; He had me shut myself in for extended periods of time. I was lonely at times and felt God wanted me all to Himself. While lonely, it was also the most blessed time of my life!

2- I refused to engage in carnal behavior. The slightest carnal joke or off color comment repulsed me. I knew it grieved His heart. What others could laugh at, I couldn’t. At the off chance I did, I had to repent immediately as my spirit was deeply disturbed.

3- My friendships were few. I made certain that my fellowship consisted of serious, on fire Believers. I spoke with and chatted with many; I had fellowship with very few. I separated myself as I knew that God did not want me in fellowship with the lukewarm.

4- Obedience to God was instant. I was by no means perfect and did at times sin yet for the most part, I knew that God required me obey Him… no matter what the cost… and to obey Him without delay. I knew that to refuse obedience to God was to forfeit His blessing on my life.

These are the four primary aspects of what I walked in during that time in a way that was deeper and more intense than “normal”. I’m certainly not laying these four points out as a recipe for revival; I’m merely pointing out what God called “me” to do.

His Power was so thick in those days that the lost were lining up to see what was happening! I will never forget this time period and by God’s Grace I’ll see it again!


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