Pastor Stephen McLean and Moncton Faith Victory Church

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moncvic-home-slider3First, let me state that I don’t attend Moncton Faith Victory Church and nor was I paid to write this haha. MANY years ago I went to the church but even then not as a member, per se. That was long, long, long ago. Since then I’ve attended for special events, etc, when our own church was not meeting. I simply wanted to post my thoughts on one of Moncton’s finest churches! And with that…

Moncton Faith Victory Church (MFV), led by Pastor Stephen McLean, is a church that I want to take a bit of time to write about. Why? Because my mother attends and I know some of the leaders there. So with that, let me begin…

My mom was a woman who’s life was without Christ at one point. When she did turn her life over to Christ, she began to attend Moncton Faith Victory Church and what a change that God has done in her! My mother is a godly woman; a woman of deep prayer and personal holiness, yet she doesn’t come across as a “holier than thou” individual. In fact, it’s no big thing to my mom to minister to the homeless and street girls; it’s just who she is now that she walks with Jesus. This change occurred over a period of time in my mother and I praise God that Pastor Steve McLean and others in the church were there for her to help her grow and mature in her faith! Now, mom is a Deaconess at Moncton Faith and is a well respected Woman of God inside as well as outside of the church.

I also think of the church’s youth pastor, Marc Collette. When I planted our own church in 2011, when no one stood with my wife and I, Marc and a handful of others supported us with encouragement. Marc has been a personal friend of mine and someone I look to with deep respect. He’s preached here a couple of times and we’d have him back again in a heartbeat! His love for God and his passion to stir things up in the House of God is rarely seen among many Christians today. Moncton Faith Victory Church has a godly man in Marc Collette! He wants nothing but the absolute best for the People of God; teh youth there are in good hands!

Next, I think of Tim Cyr. He’s also a leader at MFV. His gentle and compassionate spirit are evident the moment you meet him. Tim is a man who sees the cup half full .. not half empty. He’s got a positive spirit and always carries a smile! He’s one of the most personable men you’ll ever meet, always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it.

Now we come to Pastor Steve. This Man of God is quite literally drenched in the Love of God! His heart is pure love! Pastor Steve is a true shepherd but not only that, he carries an apostolic calling on his life and ministry. He’s a Pastor to Pastors; a Man of God who’s life and message reflect that of Jesus Christ. Pastor McLean’s desire for unity among God’s People and his heart to see lives genuinely transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit is undeniable.

The church and it’s heart attitude to be all that God calls it to be is an example of all of our churches in the city of Moncton.

No matter who you are … if you don’t already attend a church in Moncton, please – by all means! – check out Moncton Faith Victory Church. The church is Charismatic holding to a Biblical Statement of Faith and is affiliated with Victory Churches International. It’s a church with it’s own set of unique issues – just like every single church anywhere has! – yet it’s also a church with it’s own set of unique strengths that make it what it is.

Visit them online by clicking here

In Christ,

Dan Lirette




Download this post as a PDF

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