Law and Grace

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Pentobarbital is a drug that can control convulsions, helps with traumatic brain injury, is used as a veterinary anesthetic agent and has other beneficial uses as well. It’s a barbituate that has several uses. It’s also a drug used in the USA for lethal injection as it stops breathing in toxic doses.

A beneficial thing in the hands of a doctor (picture Grace here) can be used to help save a life. In the hands of an executioner (picture Law here) it’s used to take a life.

The point? God has called us to bring healing to broken lives by means of His Word; it’s to be used to bring life. In the hands of the legalistic Pharisee, however, it’s used to bring death. The same Word that saves a man can be used and twisted by the corrupt that it condemns the same man! Let us never become the executioner to another individual; we’re called to use the Word to bring life!

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