Humility: The Fragrance of Heaven

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Humility is the fragrance of Heaven; without it, all of our giftings, anointings and ministries will produce only the rotten fruit of pride. Many today speak of humility, loving one another, unity and such things as these and yet division, anger and jealousy are the primary fruits of the majority of lives. Those who walk in genuine humility will bear each other’s burdens, never become angry at one another and will seek the other person’s highest good.

The humble never boast about the giftings and anointings that flow through them and the one word on their lips is “Jesus”. Oftentimes we allow ourselves to be fooled by our own giftings and as a result continue to walk in pride, strife with others and a spirit that seeks to retaliate against those who accuse us, slander us and gossip about us. Rather than walking in humility and brokneness, we instead boast about the “coming revival” and how we witnessed a miracle in last Sunday’s meeting, not understanding that many will indeed say “Lord, Lord!” on that day and yet be cast eternally into the Lake of Fire.

Until we’re truly broken in God’s Presence and until we come to a place of total and absolute surrender to the Will of God, we’ll never experience true intimacy with Christ our King nor His Bride, the Church. Humility is greatly lacking in today’s Christianity. We quote the passage, “Pride comes before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18) and yet we fail to repent of walking in pride. Many do not even see their spiritual condition; rather, they believe themselves to be walking in humility and yet in their hearts they continue to hold grudges, slander others, gossip, accuse and yet because they “feel God”, they believe themselves to be in His Will. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Is there someone – anyone at all! – with whom you can’t stand or “don’t like”? You’re trapped by the sin of pride! Do you speak ill of others by “sharing concerns or warnings” outside of their presence? You’re trapped by the sin of pride! Is there jealousy in your heart towards another brother or sister? You’re trapped by the sin of pride! Do you long to be seen of men for your giftings, talents or anointings? You’re trapped by the sin of pride! Oh how pride deceives!

The Lord has shown me my own sin of pride and I praise God that He loves me so deeply, to reveal my inner condition. Over the past couple of months He’s been gently whispering to me to surrender my giftings and anointings back to Him; He’s called me to walk in humility and brokenness while at the same time removing myself from the fellowship of those who refuse to walk in His precepts. Without the Spirit of God opening our eyes, how then will we come to see our own sin and blind spots? We won’t; instead, we’ll continue on prophesying, singing, clapping and “ministering” to others while we ourselves are the servants of sin.

Today, don’t search your heart; ask God’s Spirit to search it for you! seek the face of God to cleanse you from pride, jealousy, envy, strife, division, gossip, backbiting and all manner of sinful behaviour. A Christianity which does not change one’s inner and outer lifestyle is a counterfeit indeed; a Christianity which allows you and I to continue in pride, holding grudges, unforgiveness, bitterness and which allows us to sing praises to God while slandering our brothers and sisters is a Christianity nowhere found in Scripture. We must – at all costs – come to the place of absolute surrender where the Love and Grace of God genuinely flow out of our hearts for all. Let us no longer be Carnal Corinthians who prophesy and speak with tongues and yet who refuse to love, refuse to forgive and refuse to bear one another’s burdens.

God is calling you and I to walk humbly before Him and He’s given us His Holy Spirit to cause that to become a reality in our lives. Will you and I choose to walk in humility? It is, afterall, a choice.

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