God’s wrath towards the self righteous

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God’s Wrath is reserved for the self righteous!

We often think of God’s wrath in relation to those who fornicate, cheat, lie, steal and blaspheme the Name of Jesus. Yes, these individuals will most certainly and absolutely come under and eternally experience the fierce wrath of God; there will be no escape for the backslider, the immoral, those who take pleasure in pornography, exploiting others, etc. Yet, what of the self righteous?

Let’s not be deceived, brothers and sisters. Those who take pleasure in seeing the lost and wicked eternally suffer the wrath of God will also experience that same wrath. Those who externally live moral lives yet inwardly are full of envy, division, strife and all manner of inward sin will not escape God’s wrath on that Day.

Do you and I love those who are lost in sin? Even more clear, do we love those in our church who we know are hypocrites and pharisees or are we angry with them with an unrighteous anger? Do we take pleasure when a person is caught in sin? Do we enjoy rebuking and correcting people or are we broken for them? Do we open our mouths to bless or to gossip and backbite? Do we “share concerns” about others or do we share those concerns with God in prayer?

Self righteous people look morally sound externally yet will be the recipients of God’s wrath in eternity. Why? Because of the heart attitude. If our heart attitude is to condemn and take pleasure in seeing others judged.. we’re guilty. Let us be very careful with our words and actions yet not these only; we must first clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will be clean also:

Matthew 23:26 “You blind Pharisee! First wash the inside of the cup and the dish, and then the outside will become clean, too.”

Let us not be among those whom Jesus calls “Blind Pharisees”. What a horrendous day that will be when multitudes of self righteous people stand before God and give an account for their jealousy, their bitterness and their offended hearts! We’re called to be broken for all men… including for the wicked. Our lives as Believers is to be consumed with a brokenness for those around us; this includes those who sin and walk in a manner unworthy of Christ’s calling.

We musn’t give in top the spirit of self righteousness; instead, our cry must be, “God, break me for this person! restore them to Your grace and have mercy on their souls!”. If that isn’t our heart’s cry, we’re in danger of God’s wrath being poured out on us. You see, if we’re not broken for people; if we’re not humble.. we’re not in the Will of God and know nothing of God’s Fatherly heart to see people’s lives come into Salvation and Deliverance. We have no right to speak to a man until we first weep – genuinely weep! – for that man.

If you’re bitter against your leaders, your brothers, your sisters… perhaps it’s time to ask God to search your heart and to cleanse you from the inside out. If you’re jealous of others, have a tongue that gossips and slanders and continue to believe yourself to be holy while living in such sin, perhaps God will have mercy on you and open your eyes to the spiritually poisonous delusion you’re in. None of us will escape the wrath of God on that Final Day; we must deal with our inner lives now, in this present day.

Oh that God would open our eyes to the self righteous heart attitudes we carry against others and give us hearts of brokenness and love for all men, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. Yes, those who indulge in pornography, jealousy, covetousness, lying, etc, will eternally suffer God’s wrath; yet we must be broken about this, weep about this and do all in God’s Grace to see these people restored. Unless this is our heart, we know nothing of the Love of God.

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