God’s Love For YOU!

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How much does God love YOU?

Countless Christians struggle with the fact that God loves them. One day they’re up in the clouds shouting the praises of God over their lives and the next they’re down in the dumps feeling that God has forsaken them. This is evidence of a heart that doesn’t yet fully grasp the infinite love that God has for them. It doesn’t have to remain this way for you if you struggle with whether or not you’re loved by God. YOU can be set free to know, understand AND experience God’s love for you!

I have good news today! Not only does God love you… but He loves you AS MUCH AS and on the EXACT SAME LEVEL AS he loves Jesus! You read that right! God loves you in the EXACT SAME WAY that He loves His only begotten Son!:

John 17:23 says “I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE ME.”

Did you get that? Read it again! God loves YOU as much as He loves Jesus! It was in fact Jesus who said that in John 17.

Countless brothers and sisters feel that God loves them one day and then the next He’s still loves them “but not as much”. Nothing could be further from the truth for the one who walks with God with an honest heart to do His Will.

If you’re not walking in open and deliberate sin and if your heart longs to do the Will of your Heavenly Father, then you can walk in the revelation knowledge that God loves you AS MUCH AS He loves Jesus Christ.

Today, as the Holy Spirit to make this truth real to you; once it is, your life will radically be transformed as you come into the experience – not simply the head knowledge – of God’s infinite love for you!

Take time now to watch this sermon video by Zac Poonen titled “Knowing the Love of God”:

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