Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church Moncton

An Open Letter to Glad Tidings Church, Moncton, NB

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For those reading this who have no idea who Torben is and what his heretical theology encompasses, click here and click here before continuing this Open Letter.

Dear Glad Tidings Moncton:

First, I write this Open Letter publicly as you hosted Torben publicly. Some feel it would be beneficial to go to you privately but in that you continue to support this teacher’s false theology and do so openly, it is only fitting to respond openly and publicly.

It has been some time now since you hosted false teacher Torben Sondergaard for a Kickstarter Weekend. As such, I believe that enough time has passed in which you could have sufficiently investigated the doctrinal positions of this man and released a public statement – both to your PAOC family and to the general Christian Community – on your position. You have not done so and as a result, I am compelled to publish this Open Letter.

As you know, there are those within your denomination – the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – who have taken a stand against your inviting Torben to your church. Godly PAOC Pastors have risen up to speak out lovingly against this move by Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church… and rightly so. Others, of other denominations, have done the same.

Men of sound reason and godly wisdom have taken a position against what Glad Tidings Moncton has labelled as being of the Holy Spirit. Why do you suppose this is? Are these PAOC Pastors in deception and under a religious spirit? Are they blind to the true moving of the Spirit of God? If not, then you must be; if so, then you’re not. Two opposites in such a scenario cannot both be truth. Either the PAOC Pastors who have risen up against your endorsement of Torben are deceived… or you are.

On your website, you list a message by false teacher Torben Sondergaard (link: so I can safely conclude that Glad Tidings Moncton continues to endorse and support the ministry of a man who is clearly heretical in his essential convictions.

As such, I wanted to ask the leadership – especially the Pastoral Leadership – of Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church Moncton two simple yet profound questions:

1- Does Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church in Moncton, NB, now hold to Baptismal Regeneration as Torben has made it clear that water baptism is essential for Salvation? For Torben’s heretical view, click here and then here

  • If you answer “Yes” to the above question, you can no longer rightfully or in good conscience remain a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada as such a view is not held by your denomination. If you answer “No” to the above question, why then did you allow and continue to endorse a ministry who holds to a cultic view of Salvation? (See footnote below)

2- Does Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church believe that this video – filmed in your church during Torben’s “ministry” – represents a genuine Baptism/Filling in the Holy Spirit?

  • If you answer “Yes” to the above question, can you give any examples of such nonsense in the Word of God? If you answer “No” to the above question, why have you not sternly rebuked this open display of mockery against the precious Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Both Torben and the woman he’s “ministering” to are under a delusion. To treat the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in such a dishonouring way is unbelievable; to remain silent on it is disturbing indeed.


I certainly do not expect an authorised representative of Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church to “actually” take the time to respond to the above two questions; though I do pray that they would consider making a statement. Even if not directly to this Open Letter… at the very minimum to their fellow brothers and sisters of the Maritime District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. I am aware that a statement was sent out by the District some time ago; whether Glad Tidings was a part of that or not, I do not know. One thing I do know is that Pastor Paul Pattison, as the Senior Pastor of the church, must consider carefully the ramifications of continuing to support and endorse a ministry which has been shown to be heretical and on the fringe.

In continuing to support Torben Sonegaard’s The Last Reformation, you risk losing the support of godly PAOC ministers – as well as the support of others – due to your support of that which doctrinally and historically is in grave error; namely, baptismal regeneration. Of course there are other issues but this one is the primary as it deals directly with Salvation and is an attack on the Finished Work of Jesus Christ.

While I have no doubt whatsoever that you do not as a whole affirm such a teaching, your dogmatic support of a ministry which does leaves those within (and without) your fellowship scratching their heads. In standing with a ministry who’s message concerning Soteriology is heretical, you stand against the truth. This ought not be.

Your history is rich and your legacy should never be one of division… yet this is what your endorsement of a false teacher has brought to your own denomination. Being the flagship PAOC church of the Maritimes, your responsibility to your denominational fellowship and the greater Christian community at large is a great one.

My prayer is that those who read this – and the PAOC Pastors who have contacted me via my other articles on Torben being at GT – will encourage you to take a closer look at your endorsements and will encourage you to investigate your current endorsement of Torben Sonegaard and The Last Reformation.

Pastor Paul Pattison… you’re a godly man with a heart for the Body of Christ and for the Salvation of the Lost. I pray that God will continue to use you, bless your local fellowship and bring the Revival I know and believe you long for!

In Christ,

Dan Lirette


Footnote: While water baptism is not essential for Salvation – as God saves apart from water – it is also much more than a mere symbol as most churches teaches. Water Baptism is part and parcel of receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38-39; Acts 10; Acts 19; 1 Peter 3:21) just as faith and repentance are. These three – faith, repentance and water baptism – are the three things that God calls and commands all people to do in order to receive Salvation. Does God save apart from water baptism? Of course (Acts 10; 1 Peter 3:21) yet water baptism is a command; it’s also identifying with Jesus Christ’s own death, burial and resurrection and when we come up out of the water we’re to walk in newness of life by the Power of the Holy Spirit at work within us (Romans 6).

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  1. The following is an exchange with a PAOC Pastor who responded to me via email. I assume he doesn’t want his name revealed so I have purposely left his name out:

    PAOC Pastor: Hi Dan Thanks for your letter. As a PAOC pastor in the Maritimes, a graduate student of theology and Pentecostal Studies, and as one who attended the Sondergaard Seminar, I understand some concerns you have regarding Torben’s theology and I will admit that there were elements I did not agree with.

    Dan: I will admit there are elements I “did” agree with 🙂

    PAOC Pastor: That said, there were good aspects that I was in agreement with, such as discipleship as apprenticeship. Though not a Greek scholar or expert in first century Jewish practices, Torben did capture the essence that a disciple of Jesus was to become like his Teacher in both character and charismatic ministry, an aspect that is in keeping with early Canadian Pentecostal literature (eh R. E. McAlister), recent scholarship (eg. Roger Stronstad, Jon Ruthven) and the witness of Luke-Acts. This aspect I was happy with.

    Dan: Pastor and brother, the Mormons and JW’s teach a form of discipleship. This is certainly not a “bad” thing but it shouldn’t and musn’t be used as a measuring stick for a ministry; though I don’t think you’re doing that.

    PAOC Pastor: Were there things I was concerned with? Yes. Baptismal regeneration? A soteriology that appeared more compatible with Oneness Pentecostalism? Are these beliefs compatible with the PAOC? No! But this is nothing new to the history of Christianity and our theology, is a matter of interpretation of what Scripture says. That said, I realise that differences of beliefs have been and always will be present in global Christianity. So, I humbly approach theology knowing that over time, my understanding has changed over the course with my walk with the Lord.

    Dan: This would be my primary concern. His soteriological views are aberrant to our faith; heretical indeed. While I do understand that some do not see Baptismal Regeneration as an essential cut off point… many do; I am one of these. Adding “any” works to the Work of Christ is certainly not a position we should label as “non essential”, IMO.

    PAOC Pastor: Does this mean I endorse everything Torben taught or presently teaches? Likely not! But did he encourage believers to go out and pray for the healing of others and witness to them on the streets, marketplace, and public spaces in Moncton? Did my 13 year old son have the faith to pray for his mom’s healing on that Saturday night? Did I have a greater boldness and faith to pray for healing in our Sunday morning service the next day, to which we had about a half dozen testify of healing and a man the next week was baptized in the Spirit? Yes and amen! Does this mean I am endorsing all that Torben teaches? No! But was the Seminar beneficial? For me and many others it was, in fact, a KickStart.

    Dan: This seems a bit pragmatic, dear brother. I do, however, rejoice that the end result has been a “kickstart” in the Things of God. Why, however, can we as Believers not simply do the works of Jesus without man’s aid? in other words, simple obedience to the call of God. I am certainly not suggesting that we needn’t receive great instruction but I am suggesting that what we receive should be a complement to – and not motivator of – our faith.

    PAOC Pastor: Dan, while I agree with you that there are concerns with Torben’s theology, I have a concern with yours. Who has given you the right to publicly rebuke Paul Pattison and Glad Tidings Church? Would it not be a more faithful biblical practice to go to Paul himself and have a private conversation rather than use email and the internet in an attempt to discredit him and his church? Is that not what Jesus said to do in Matthew 18? Go to the brother, privately! And if you are not a PAOC credential holder, what gives you the platform to speak on behalf of the Fellowship?

    Dan: Matthew 18 deals with personal sin between two brothers; one being offended. GT nor it’s leadership sinned against me and nor am I offended. Their position is public and therefore the concerns I have are public. Using Matthew 18 in this context is eisegetical; you should know this as a student of Scripture. Concerning Pastor Pattison; I would never seek to discredit the man. I encourage you to re-read the Open Letter; I am quite open about my thoughts towards the church and it’s leadership … and it’s clearly in a positive light. (Part of response removed)

    PAOC Pastor: 3 or 4 PAOC pastors do not constitute the Fellowship of over 3500 ministers.

    Dan: You’re correct. I was encouraged by these men but it must be known these men warned their congregations. Our church warned our congregation; others did the same. Hundreds were warned; if not thousands. All the way into Quebec. It’s unfortunate you feel that “3 or 4” Pastors are not worthy of a voice. Bless you.

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