The feeding of the 5000 and what it means for YOU!

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When I think of the feeding of the 5000 (found in John 6) I think of three types of people represented. The first group were the disciples; they were standing right there with Jesus, hearing his instructions and passing out the food as it was being multiplied right before their eyes. The second group represents those sitting down directly in front of Jesus waiting for food. The third group represents those thousands of people back who had to wait longer and who couldn’t hearĀ Him; they would have had to of asked others what He said.

1- The disciples represent those who are so close to Jesus that they can reach out and receive from His Hand and give to others.

2- The second group represents those who hear clearly from Jesus without needing to ask anyone what He said; they hear on their own but keep what they receive to themselves.

3- The third group represents those who are so far back they they have to ask others what Jesus said; they have second hand information. By the time the food reaches them, it’s already been handled by thousands of people passing it down the line.

We can be so close to Jesus that we not only hear His voice but we also receive of His Hand in order to give what we receive to others! We can also be so close to Jesus that we hear His voice for ourselves … but like the second group we don’t give to others. Finally, we can be so far from Jesus that everything we hear and receive has already been handled by others; it’s all second hand information!

I know what group I wanna be in! How about you?!

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