False teacher David Youngren coming to Moncton

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David Youngren is the brother of false teacher and adulterer Peter Youngren. If you’re not sure who Peter Youngren is, click here

David Youngren will be speaking at Moncton’s Faith Christian Fellowship, a local hyper grace church which endorses and affirms adultery. The leadership of the church, in particular false teacher Paul Clements, have quite literally gone from preaching truth to openly affirming adulterous relationships between their church members who are married and yet hooking up with single women.

Back to David Youngren…

On David’s website, you won’t find anything about the Lord Jesus, His nature, character, attributes, etc… but you will find alot about “you’. Take a look here

If you want to experience the Love of Jesus, you now can for only $25.00! If you really wanna experience the love of Jesus, you can do so for only $65.00:












Once you make payment, here’s what’s going to happen:








I’d love to spend time dissecting the blatant heresy and marketing nonsense here, but sheep already know not to go; goats will be eating this up like candy. So, if you’re a goat, feed away 🙂


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