The day I met Jami Springer

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It was a day I’ll never forget. Pastor James and I were picking up Sarah. Sarah is a young lady who attended our church; we were getting her at one of her workplaces (she’s a cleaner). As we waited, I spotted a young lady on St. George Street. This young lady was a street worker; another way of saying she was a prostitute. Our church has ministered to the women downtown (see here) and we’ve maintained a great relationship with them.

Jami was a new girl; we’d never seen her before.

I jumped out of the car and asked her if she’d come to dinner with us. She immediately said yes and hopped in the car. That day we went to Sport’s Rock and chatted; we got to know Jami, her past, etc. She also had a connection to a Pentecostal church in her hometown of Fredericton; it was clear that this young lady had known the Lord. She may have lost herself along the way… but Jesus never lost her!

What a joy to be around! She was quite a personality; a great one!

We’d meet her afterwards as well. She came to our home and my wife chatted with her. We talked, laughed, hung out… we enjoyed Jami’s presence just as I have no doubt everyone who knew her did.

One day, Pastor James and I were driving around passing out Tim Horton’s drinks to the girl’s downtown; we spotted Jami. As we approached her, she took the coffee but began to cry and walked away, ashamed of what she was doing and the road she’d gone down. There was, of course, no judgement from us; and she knew this. She simply couldn’t keep it together that day.

That was the last time I’d see her in person, if memory serves me correctly. While I’ve skipped so many details, this particular post is really a means for me to write out some of my thoughts as I miss her… and miss her deeply. My heartfelt prayer is that Jami is safe and alive; that’s my hope. If she isn’t, my heartfelt prayer is that whoever hurt her is brought to justice and that Jami’s parents will be able to walk through this as a family; that God will turn all of this into a testimony, regardless of the outcome.

May God Himself perform a miracle in this situation; whether that miracle comes in the form of finding Jami alive or walking her parents through the healing process.

In Jesus,


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