Dan Lirette is a prolific author, having written several works in the areas of doctrine, discipleship, discernment and evangelism. Several of these works are available right here on danlirette.ca for free downloading. 

Dan attributes who and where he is today as a result of being mentored by a handful of godly men such as Rev./Dr Johnathan Steeper whom he was under while Pastor Steeper  was in Moncton, NB. Dan is forever indebted to the influence of Pastor Jonathan (Baptist/Evangelical Free), Pastor Daniel Jalbert (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) Pastor Mark Hillis (Former Brethren Pastor who became Independent Charismatic) and the late Evangelist Doug Roberts (Former UPCI who became Independent Pentecostal).

One notable ministry highlight is when he was used by the Lord to lead a now historic Youth Revival where signs and wonders followed the preaching of the Gospel. Scores of un-churches teenagers turned their lives over to Jesus Christ as demons were cast out and lives were delivered from bondage as Jesus Christ was exulted in the Preaching of the Gospel. One student of history stated that the Revival looked like the Azusa Street Revival, only on a smaller scale.

He's preached on secular (NBCC) college radio, arguably held his city's largest block party outreach with over 1,200 in attendance (click here to view), had the priviledge of having Pastor Tim Dilena, Rev. Edgar Reich, Pastor Randy Downing and others minister in his home church and was a co-host of Truth radio with an internationally recognized Man of God - Jeff Harshbarger who has appeared on TBN, CBN, The Miracle Channel, etc.

In addition, Dan has also preached within the PAOC (Youth Convention where God's Presence filled the Sanctuary within minutes of Dan speaking); ministered within the Baptist Denomination (CNBC & CBAC) and has planted two churches with three locations.

Dan currently leads an Apostolic Assembly comitted to leading people into the Presence and Power of God. In 2018, he will appoint an elder to lead the assembly as he prepares to plant a third church.

Dan Lirette Ministries