Church Order

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Nowhere in the New Covenant do we find the Pastor as the “head of the church” and yet this is “exactly” what modern Christianity has dealt us! Jesus Christ alone is the Head of His Church and He placed the order of the church to be firstly apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly evangelists and “then” pastors/teachers. Interesting, the Apostle Paul lists the office of Pastor as last and yet the modern church has made it first. Not only that, but most churches today deny that apostles and prophets are even in existence… thus further propagating the lie that the Pastor is “the” head of the local church.

1- Apostles plant and establish doctrine
2- Prophets see, hear and declare
3- Evangelists train in soul winning
4- Pastors/Teachers feed the sheep “based on” apostolic and prophetic authority

When the order of the church is not God’s order then you’ll find all manner of issues, problems and struggles between leaders and sheep, leaders and leaders and sheep and sheep. When the order of the church is in line with what the Word of God gives to us, you’ll find peace and unity. Whenever a church turns to “anyone” – regardless of their calling – for truth and order – you can be certain of this one thing: satan is at work! The order of God’s House “must” come from God’s Word and God’s Word alone. That order must be established by genuine apostolic and prophetic leadership – not by pastors, deacons, evangelists or denominational “rules”.

Let me ask you tonight: If you’re called to submit to your pastors (and you are within Biblical boundaries!), who is your Pastor submitted to? A denomination? An organization? If so, and they have no one in the church itself to whom they give an account, run! The same must be said of apostolic and prophetic people; who are they submitted to while calling for others to submit to them?

Be very cautious in what you’re told to “do” as a sheep… by anyone! Why? Authority is God given; not imposed or forced. The moment you’re compelled to submit via time, attendance, energy and money is the moment you’ve walked into an unhealthy assembly and accepted cultic authority.

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