Church attender or church family?

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The difference between a church attender and church family:

A church attender shows up on Sundays; church family is there for you the moment you need them!

A church attender goes from place to place; church family, while they may visit other churches, have one primary church and they make the people of “that” church their priority.

A church attender takes, takes and takes some more; church family gives finances, personal time and daily prayer for the brothers and sisters of their local assembly.

A church attender “tries out” different churches and ministries, never settling into one place; church family is called by GOD and they evidence it by faithfulness to one another.

A church attender refuses to submit to godly authority, claiming “God told them” this, that and the other; church family submits to one another in the fear of God.

What category do “you” fall into? Church attender or church family? Are you like those who “feel led by God” to go from church to church every few years or are you like an oak tree that can’t be moved no matter what storm comes? Are you submissive when things are well yet infantile and rebellious when correction comes or are you like a son or daughter who receives discipline and thereby matures from it?

There are those who profess Christ yet who will not lift a finger for their brothers and sisters; they’re too busy at other churches doing other things. I’m all for visiting churches; I do it myself! Don’t twist my words or misunderstand me! I’m speaking of those who take preference over what “they” want to do rather than their church family. For example, if a church asks me to come and help out with something, I’m all in… and I have done this several times. However, if my church family is gathered together for prayer, fellowship, teaching, etc… I’m there first; no questions asked! Why? Because just as my son and daughter come before my neighbour’s kids, so my church family comes before other church families. Period. This alone demonstrates love; nothing more, nothing less! Talk is cheap! If someone is out hangin’ with the neighbour’s kids more than their own family, they ain’t telling you the truth! They don’t love you; they’re lyin’ to ya! They’re more interested in “big ministry” and making a name for themselves; they are NOT interested in community that stays faithful! Don’t believe them, brother! Don’t trust yourself to them, sister! They’ll “hear from God” in a year and BAM! They’re gone!

Church is not a place to go to and then jump ship; it’s a family to be in. For LIFE. Those who espouse any other view may know the works of God… but they certainly don’t know the ways of God! Church family is a “direct” reflection of a physical family. If an individual abandons their church, leaders, brothers and sisters… then I have absolutely zero doubt they’re unfaithful in their marriages and relationships. Why? Because church is a committed family of saints who come together under the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s no other kind of church! I know that the church attender will balk at this kind of message… because they know it’s speakin’ to them! Their unfaithful hearts are being convicted! I just hope they see the constant damage and wreckage they cause to everyone in arm’s reach of them! I pray they repent of their “I hear from God” delusions and get themselves planted, under authority and in community… for life!

Thankful today for the many churches and ministries in Moncton… but I’m “most” thankful for Revival House Fellowship! It’s these people who have wept with me, protected me and corrected me. I’m available to them before I’m available to anyone else; I’ll cancel meetings with others if someone from my local church needs to meet with me, regardless of who doesn’t agree with my position. Why? Because how I treat the church is how I treat my physical family and you better believe they’re first in my life! And yes, this is “exactly” how you must be to “your” church fellowship!

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