Called to the calling!

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Whatever your calling is… make it about pointing people to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to do His job! Our job is to point people to Christ, show unending mercy and unconditional support. Nothing more and nothing less! I’ve not always been successful at this and nor will you be… but by God’s Grace and through spiritual maturity we’re gettin’ there!

You want people to follow your example? Then follow the example of Jesus! Jesus loved even Judas! Judas wasn’t excluded from ministry or “any aspect of what Jesus and the Disciples were doing … and yet in churches today so many are excluding genuine Believers due to personal struggles in their lives. What a shame that we’re waiting for people to become perfect!
Love people… point them to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do His sanctifying work in their lives! It’s not our job to dictate who can and cannot be used by God… we’re called to raise people up: Period!

If you’re a Christian who attends a church and yet your leaders won’t use you for Kingdom work… find one which will! If your heart is right then you’re in a position to be used by God! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Be honest before God and you’ll be used by God! If your church stops the call of God on your life… get out! God has more for you than sitting down week after week doing nothing! You’re called to walk in the Power of the Holy Ghost, seeing lives changed as you point them to the Lamb!

Download this post as a PDF

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