While playing outside in the leaves as a young boy, the Lord called Dan's name audibly twice: "Danny. Danny". From every direction and what seemed to be a multitude of voices in one, Dan at that moment knew that there was a God and that this God called out to him. It would be many years later that he would surrender his life to Jesus Christ through the witnessing of a tangible and genuine supernatural occurance.
Prior to his converison, Dan was held captive by sin - just as all lost people are. His life was filled with drugs, alcohol and a host of other manifestations of the flesh. Dan's testimony is that of being delivered from the dominion of sin and being filled with the Holy Spirit. When he shares his testimony, he expects the Presence and Power of God to fall on those in attendance, as he believes that we overocme by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.



Dan's calling is apostolic and prophetic and evantgelistic, having planted two churches with three locations and having appointed leaders within the assemblies. His giftings are in the prophetic, being used by the Spirit of God primarily in the Word of Knowledge, prophecy, dreams and at tmes, visions. He's studied theology from the vantage point of various denominational streams, gioving him a well rounded appreach to Biblical teaching. His passion is to lead others into the Presence and Power of God by means of Biblical proclaimation in the Power of the Holy Spirit.
Dan has had the honor of being invited to and preaching within various demnominational groups such as the PAOC and CABC as well as independent groups. His church was at one time a part of the CNBC. One highlight of Dan's ministry is during a Youth Revival in which one Biblical history student described as a "mini Azusa Street" as the Lord has used Dan in seeing countless young people's lives transformed by the Anointing of God with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. 


After planting a church in 2011, Dan planted a seocnd one with two locations in 2017 and is currently leading it until 2018 when he will apoint a brother from within the assmebly to pastor it. The churches have seen genuine miraculous manifestations of God's Power and they've been blessed to have individuals such as Pastor Tim Dilena, Rev. Edgar Reich, Pastor Stephen Gough, Pastor Silas Matchett and other men of God minister at the church.

A third church will be planted in 2018 by the Grace of God.